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I'm a Bay Area-based illustrator & visual designer who
transforms ordinary moments into memorable delights.

I lean into curiosity, warmth, and empathy to create
meaningful connections between brands and audiences.

Let's create stories together. 

Hello, I'm 


About Me

I'm a multifaceted designer and illustrator that transforms small moments into bigger stories. My favorite thing to do is bring brands and stories alive through intricate visual design systems that weave together illustrations, typography, and color. 

During my free time, I like to bake shortbread cookies, stroll through bookstores, and look for chubby fruits
in the produce aisle.






"Asia is one of the best people I have ever worked with. While her skills as an artist and designer make her incredibly formidable, it is her ability to collaborate and discern requirements that make her a rare talent. Her unending optimism and communication skills make any project a treat to be on, no matter how ambiguous and challenging it may be."

Caleb Hou

Senior Product Designer 


"In her role as an Illustrator and UI Designer on the Google Learning and Education team, it would be an understatement to say that her work made a positive impact on learners across the global. Asia is interested in the world. She advocates for inclusivity, stays up to date on design trends, values difference, keeps an open mind, and all of these values contributed to the professional success and personal closeness of our team."

Erika Lehmkuhl

UX Design Lead


"Asia’s talent for illustration is coupled with outstanding communication skills and compassion for her work. Our client agrees, saying, 'Asia is a gifted, empathetic, and intelligent illustrator who is especially adept at capturing moments of connection and warmth in her work. She is a joy to be around and we are very lucky to get to work with her.'"

WunderLand Spotlight

Client: Walgreens


San Francisco, CA



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